Coomooroo An Introduction

Coomooroo’s vision is to be a leading remediation company for Australia and Asia through delivering the base business, rejuvenating the environment, being a great place to work and doing it safely and sustainably to deliver a superior shareholder return.

Coomooroo's values are the guiding principles that define how it conducts its business and what it stands for as a company. This means working as a team that:

· Discovers – by opening our minds to new possibilities, thinking creatively and having the courage to learn from successes and failures, take on new challenges, capture opportunities and resolve problems.
· Delivers – by taking personal responsibility and pride in our work to deliver timely, quality results that benefit Coomooroo and help achieve our vision and strategy.
· Collaborates – by recognising the value and power in diversity of thought and communicating openly to understand the perspectives of others; demonstrating leadership by sharing what we know and respectfully challenging each other to achieve the best results for all.
· Cares – by taking the long-term view to build a sustainable future for our company, our people and the environments and communities in which we operate.

These values are the basis of Coomooroo’s commitment to operating with a view to its long-term sustainability as a remediation company.

The corporate strategy for the company is to involve in the bacteria remediation of toxic sites in Australia. It was recognized that the Managing Director has developed extensive experience in this area and this was of great benefit to the company. This experience has been built up over more than 20 years and coupled with the new geophysical technologies to be employed gives Coomooroo Energy Ltd (ABN 81 119 651 704), a major advantage against the competition.