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Coomooroo Energy Limited Exploration Approach

  • All liquids have a gas phase and in the case of oil the gas drive to the surface is ongoing for the life of the reservoir and can be measured in a variety of ways.
  • The principal approach, then is to find rocks with holes in them which interconnect and are filled with oil and gas and preferably both.
  • The techniques which have been employed to date have found strong evidence of
  • The all important gas drive at the surface and detected oil.
Summary of Technology used by coomooro

  • Iodine - tthis soil survey has been successfully trialled in the USA. Iodine represents the real time gas phase drive from reservoirs at depth. (Atoka/Vista Geochemical)

  • Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer - This near surface technique uses tolulene and benzene ring aromatics which are resistant to bacteria destruction (Tricorders)
  • Transient Electromagnetic Pulsing ( TEM ) - A recently patented passive geophysical prospecting metod and apparatus that both inground and in airborne configuration have successfully identified hydrocarbon reservoirs by remote sensing of transient electromagnetic pulses. TEM has over 30 discoveryWells documented as being drilled on positive transient-pulse anomalies. No dry holes Have been drilled on any of the positive anomalies (Pinemont)

  • Bacteria Analysis at Site - Bacteria populations behave anomalously above oil and gas deposits -they also generate discrete amino acids which can be measured By mass spectrometer in ppb (Pintail Technology )

  • Structural Geological Mapping - This in situ ground work provides valuable insites and assists in the interpretation of the other techniques we use (Coomooroo)

  • 2D Siesmic - Reinterpretation to identify new traps and structural closures that have yet remain undrilled

  • World Class Drilling - We propose to use the latest drilling technology onshore in Australia .