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Environmental Remediation of damage caused through Traditional mining and drilling practices.
  • The technologies were first applied to the precious metal mining waste remediation market.Thes technologies have been expanded to include petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, nitrates , metal immobilization.
  • Our biological systems offer safe and cost effective alternatives to cyanide for heap leaching and can be used to detoxify abandoned heaps while recovering additional precious metals.
  • This process has been proven in field applications to successfully detoxify cyanide,immobilize metals, and recover significant quantities of precious metals not attainable through convention operations.
  • This suite of ¬†biotechnologies can be applied to mine sites undergoing closure activities or heap leach pads as a mechanism to economically recover residual values, permanently reclaim them and stop further degradation of the environment.
  • It is to be noted that post the applications of the technology that previous non-arable ground has become arable. With enhanced farming techniques this provides the bacterial applications to be applied to any land areas that are currently non arable due to contamination from resource related extraction activities.
Opporiunty to improve the environment


The opportunity exists for any company concerned about the environment to work
with coomooroo for cultivation or other applications.
  • To Remediate land that has no commercial value¬† Industrial, Commercial or Residential.
  • Allow corporations that have contaminated land within current facilities to bring the water resources back to meet EPA standards.