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Oil remediation and recovery

A newly commercialized bacterial based remedial technology has had proven fleld success for in-situ treatment of recalc hydrocarbons including cutting oils, spent motor oil, diesel fuel, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons even high molecular weight, asphaltic hydrocarbons.

The new bacterial technology in combination with new lateral drilling capabilities is capable of increasing production from old stripper wells by many times.

The applications of these technologies provide current resource owners with opportunities to reconstitute non commercial resources into viable commercial resources in an environmental manner in line with compliant standards.

Oil and Gas

  • The bacterial approach is specifically targeted to the area of interest .
  • The lateral drilling approach allows that each potential reservoir is reworked to provide a potential commercial return by lengthening and reshaping the decline curve.It is significant that globaly very large numbers of wells currently classified ‘non commercial' due to reduced flow rates.
  • Examples of a number of opportunities of these applications are in the United States but they have strong correlations to oil and gas resources in many other countries globally. Particularly in the large number of 'stripper well' operations in developing countries.
The opportunity to redevelop non productive oil fields

The opportunity exists for a non US based resource company to join with the owners of these innovative technologies to develop a large new resource based company by identifying and redeveloping currently classified “non commercial” resources globally.