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Gold remediation and recovery

Every 25 years or so the mining industry goes through a generational change. In the later 70 was the application of cyanide to heap leaching technologies for low grade gold ores which  in the rapid escalation of gold production. This production has now peaked, environmental issues have surfaced and refractory ores have encountered them on a regular basis which causes new production to be shelved.

Our biological systems offer safe and cost effective alternatives to cyanide for heap leaching which can be used to detoxify abandoned heaps while recovering additional precious metals.

Our Systems Inc. has developed a non-toxic, microbial-based technology for enhanced gold a silver recovery for spent ore heaps. This process has been proven in field applications to  detoxify cyanide, immobilize heavy metals, and recover significant quantities of precious metals not attainable through conventional cyanide rinsing operations.

Our suite of biotechnologies can be applied to mine sites undergoing closure activities or mine heap leach pads as a mechanism to economically recover residual values, permanently rehabilitate the heap, and stop further degradation of the environment.

Successful trials have been conducted on spent ore heaps of up to 5,000,000 tonnes which have resulted in the recovery of additional and significant gold where both cyanide and water rinsing had not been effective. A cost benefit analysis is available in the powerpoint presentation. Note recovery costs  low as $50USD per ounce.

The significance of these bacteria applications is already leading to a program of recovering  as much as 70% of the gold remaining in the large spent ore heaps in North America and for to the  heaps of soil becoming available for use in arable applications.


The opportunity exists for a non US based resource company to join with coomooroo in using this innovative biotechnology to develop a large gold based resource  company by targeting old heap leach dumps globally.